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Saturday 27th June 2:00–3:15pm

Jazz & The Blues: An illustrated talk by Dr Graham Platts

Birkbeck Room, Ipswich Institute, 15 Tavern Street, Ipswich, IP1 3AA

Jazz and the Blues are close cousins in modern popular music, influencing one another in the years around 1900 and only later pursuing their own divergent paths. This presentation considers the early assimilation of the Blues by Jazz musicians and its importance at the heart of the evolving Jazz tradition during the twentieth century. Key performers who have walked this line include the boogie-woogie pianists of the ’20s and ’30s, Count Basie and the ‘blues shouters’ like Jimmy Rushing, the organist Jimmy Smith and Wynton Marsalis. We shall sample some of their work to see that the Blues has been ever-present within Jazz.

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Saturday 27th June 2:30pm

Geordie Jazz Man (15)

Dir: Dir: Abi Lewis, UK, 2019, 52 mins

Ipswich Film Theatre, Corn Exchange, King Street, Ipswich, IP1 1HD

Eric Burdon, Mike Figgis, Greg Hicks

One man’s uncompromising obsession to keep the blue note beat alive. Until his death in 2012, Keith Crombie was the internationally-renowned Geordie Jazz Man – a contrary, mysterious figure who spent decades refusing to bow to musical tides and presiding over The Jazz Cafe, one of Newcastle’s premier dives and a home away from home for travelling musicians and generations of Geordie misfits. 

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